Friday, June 19, 2009

SAP Tutorial - Sales & Order - Part 4

Sales and Distribution - Transfer of Requirements

The MRP department is informed about the quantities and deadlines by which incoming orders
should be delivered. The system checks the availability of the goods based on the requested
delivery date of the customer and creates MRP records which contain all necessary information
for passing on to planning. It ensures that the goods are available in time for the delivery.
Materials planning transfers the reported requirements and creates orders or purchase
requisitions from them etc.

For controlling transfer of requirements, you have to carry out the following steps:

1. Each requirement type has to be allocated to one requirement class only.
2. The transfer of requirements must be switched on at requirements class level, the sales
documents at schedule line level.
3. You must define a check group. It is possible to have this check group proposed for the
initial creation of a material master record.
4. Note that a plant must exist for transfer of requirements to be carried out at document
item level.

OVZG - Requirement class

It specifies the following points:

- whether an availability check and a transfer of requirements is carried out for a
transaction (for sales documents, fine tuning using the schedule line category is possible),
- whether the requirements are relevant for MRP,
- the allocation indicator from the sales view which controls the settlement of customer
requirements with requirements
- whether an item is to be settled to an auxiliary account assignment,
- the settlement profile,
- the results analysis key.

(Use transaction SM30 for V_* configuration)
OVZH - Requirements type
V_TVEPZ_V - Assignment of requirement type to Transaction
V_TVEP_V - Schedule line category
OVZ2 - Define Checking Group
V_TMVFU - Define the checking group that the system proposes when you create a new material
master record. You can overwrite the default value for the checking group in the
material master record.

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