Monday, June 15, 2009

SAP Tutorial - Sales & Order - Part 2

Auto proposed all the dates when creating Sales Order

How can I make the system auto create all the Sales Order date during creation?

Each Sales Order can have different date proposal settings.

Follows this step to set the default Sales Order Type proposal date:

- Goto VOV8, double click on sales order type.

- Look and tick the fields Propose delivery date and Propose PO date.

After making the necessary IMG changes, you need to input the Delivery Plant field for each Materials that you want the system to propose the default date.

To change the Materials field Delivery Plant:

Goto MM02, Select the View Sales: Sales Org. Data 1 and fill in the Delivery Plant.


Now, try creating a new sales order for the material and SAP will auto proposed all the dates in the sales order.

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