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Make Money Online 100% Free - 100% Legitimate

Make Money Online 100% Free - 100% Legitimate

Do You Want to Make Money on Internet?
Do you need online copy writing, data entry jobs etc and want to earn $3000+ per month easily?

If yes, then gotta read this article. It’s all about earning great money with working on Internet. Home based jobs are the best way to earn great money. You are your own Boss and you will work when ever you want to. These jobs give you the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars every month. Let’s come to the point. How much can you earn by doing such work?

Well, I am earning $3000+ each month, and I do copy writing and Data entry Jobs at below mentioned two Websites. I prefer only copy writing Jobs as the pay is good compared to data entry Jobs. Data entry is still a good option, you can make Hundreds of Dollars via Data entry jobs too.

Here are the two Freelancing Websites,
where I work and earn $3000+ in a month.

It is the best option for home staying Moms. Both of the above mentioned websites have a great Freelance market.

Is it free to join both sites? Well yes, its 100% free to join both freelancing websites. But there are some differences between these two websites (I will explain them later). To get work at freelance sites you need to invest some time, that is, you have to spend few hours each day in order to get work quickly.

I will now explain the difference between the two sites and also, I will explain how you can find data entry and copy writing work at these sites.

Honestly, it’s really difficult to get your first job. Let’s talk about the first site You will see many projects, listed every where. Do not worry; just register at this site. REMEMBER to professional looking information in all fields of your profile; people will see your profile before they give you any work. Winning your first project is the most difficult part : )

After you create your profile, open the main page of the site. Now scroll down, until you see a heading called “Top 50 Newest projects”.

Here you will see a list of newest opened projects that you can win. I highly recommend that if you are not a programmer or any other field expert, then you do data entry and copy writing jobs. Look for jobs under the “Top 50 Newest projects” section. If you find one, click on it.

Then click on “Place a Bid” and then enter the lowest price available for that project. WHAT, the lowest price? Why? Well, what do you expect : ) you are new here. So you have to do work for the lowest price.

How can you get a project for high rates when there are many other people applying for the same project and they have great ratings too, where you don’t even have one rating. So, go for the lowest price. After you place a bid, go back to the project description page and look for a small icon called PM (Private Message). PM is the key factor for wining a project.

Now click on it, and send a message to the creator of the project and tell him that you are new but you can do an excellent job and that you will do it for the lowest price that he wants to pay for that project. After you send the PM, wait for the reply, if you get a reply then there is a good chance of wining that project. Your Online Jobs career will start when you win your first project.

Open the PM box to see what the buyer replied and act accordingly. Few things to Remember: First of all, you can place bids on 15 projects at the first website mentioned above, in contrast to the second website where you can place bids on as many projects as you want to. In first website, if you become a gold member, you can then place bids on 160+ projects. I prefer you upgrade to gold member as soon as you earn $12.

Here are few advantages of gold membership. There will be no extra fees. For example if you win a project worth $100 and you are a gold member, then you will get $100 after you complete the project. But if you are not a gold member, then you have to pay a fee (5% of total project budget). It costs $12 per month to become a Gold member. I suggest you first find work on this site, then when you earn a little money, pay $12 and become a Gold member.

ALWAYS, remember to send a PM to the creator of the project after you place a bid there. Sending PM is very important.

NEVER send your contact information, that is, email, phone number etc, via PM. In case you send any contact information, your online career will be over for sure. GAF will terminate your account if they find any contact info in PM. At GAF (GetAFreelancer), don’t click on “Message Board”, you have to find “PM” icon, look for it below buyer’s username.

Don’t open any other page (Use only the main page) to see the latest Data entry, copy writing etc projects, because it’s very hard to get the old projects, keep the main page opened and scroll down to the “Top 50 Newest Projects” page and keep refreshing at this position to become the first one to catch the newest projects.

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Now let’s talk about the second online jobs site:
On this site, the payment option is in Euro to receive. Only withdrawal option is available is MoneyBookers at this moment. All other things are same as the first site. This site is new, so the winning of a bid is easy than GAF.

Another good site to look:
On this site, if you win a $100 project, you then get $95 because the site charges a fee of 5%. It’s a fair deal. You can bid on as many projects, as you want to. All other things are the same as the first site, but there is no PM icon on this site. Here you will click on “Message Board” and then you click on Post Message in order to send a message to the buyer.

I hope all the above information will help you earn a lot of money too! Thanks to freelance sites, we can now earn great Money via working at home. Still need help? Leave a comment and I will love to answer any Questions : )

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