Friday, June 27, 2008

Communication Skills Vol - 2

Effective Communication Fundamentals

Communication is the complex two-way process, involving encoding, translation and the decoding of the messages. The effective communication requires a communicator to translate their messages in the way which is specifically designed for the intended audience.
Creating and delivering the effective presentation requires basic understanding of a communication process. Most of the business presentations require a clear and an unambiguous communication of the message in the way which can be clearly understood by a recipient.
Tps for Effective Communication
Be honest while communicating. Dishonesty will somewhere show up along a line.
Take interest in the people you are communicating with. Remember the people are more attracted towards those who have interest in them, and pays more attention to what they say.
Think before you speak or put pen to paper: what message you trying to convey? What outcome do you want to elicit?
Be direct and not aggressive. Lot of flannelling around can make the people lose interest and miss a vital point.
Don't use the jargon – and acronyms, and also the technical expressions, unless you are sure about that your listeners do understand
Write the way as you will speak. Do not fall into a trap of using the long words just because it is written down.
Take time. Whether in the speech or in paper, rushing will make you seem nervous, unconfident and like downright scared.

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